Multi-colour waiting room Restaurant decorative wall art Estuco gallery wall
Multi-colour waiting room

Give expression to your walls, make them shiny and unique, your customers will feel unique as well!

Restaurant decorative wall art

We can make your restaurant have it's own personality. Choose from any colours and shapes, let us design your dream.

Walls and ceilling

Truly amazing decorative plaster for fancy walls and ceilling. Give your home a luxurious finish to love


Polished plasters that breathe, allowing water vapour to permeate freely so moisture evaporates quickly


Microcement, the most versatile refurbish systems that goes well with stairs, furniture and more surfaces

Embossed Plaster

Embossed Venetian plaster, a 16th century technique commonly used for walls in Italy and France

Polished plastering – Venetian technique used for 500 years



riginally, our mission started back in the Roman times when some of our same were Venetian plastering decorators. Their dream, was to give unique aspects to the walls or a chamber from crushed marble or lime putty to many other textures with natural stone effects.
Nowadays, we’re keep working with these techniques and the final result still amazes every owner of such a masterpiece which was also made popular once more during the Renaissance, 500 years ago in Venice.