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Dear private or business person,

Using multiple layers and mediums make for a very rich and sophisticated Venetian Plaster, Venstucco is bringing you stunning finishes with addition of not only gold, silver, bronze or multicolour plaster layers but organic embedded layers.

A technique which was used back in the Roman times and which was also popular once more during the Renaissance, 500 years ago in Venice, we can give you the most spectacular walls anybody can have, unique, romantic, almost alive!

Regardless if you are a home owner or architectural interior designer planing to decorate an accent wall, room or hallway of the house, a lobby of a building, office, restaurant or retail store, Venetian Plaster is that material that is going to have most of your attention and of those that will be coming to visit your place.

If you are planning to use any decorative polished plaster, please call or email us and we will contact you shortly.

Kind regards,
Venstucco Team

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