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Features of Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is a wall finish created using slaked lime and marble dust. It has many benefits when compared to some more common wall treatments, such as vinyl or drywall.
Originally popularised in Venice, Italy, during the late 16th century, Venetian plaster has become one of the most frequently requested wall finishes on the market. Here are 5 reasons for Venetian Plaster’s enduring popularity.

Polished plasters are suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Plaster breathes, avoiding any trapping of moisture under its surface. Since water vapour can permeate the plaster freely allowing water to evaporate easily, unlike acrylic finishes which can trap moisture inside the wall. When plaster sets, the result is a stone-like, long-lasting mineral coating. The natural, oxide pigment system results in the colour being preserved on the walls.


Our polished plasters have been used for striking effect in shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. We offer highly water-resistant finishes which can be used instead of tiles in wet-rooms like shower areas and swimming pools. These are also offered in our extensive range of colours.