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We use microcement, this is the most versatile refurbishment systems and goes well with your stairs, furniture and many other surfaces.

Features & Benefits

MicroCement is a coloured cement coating of which around 1-2 mm is applied. It can be applied to surfaces like concrete, ceramics, marble, mosaics, tiles, steel, plaster, gypsum and wood.

MicroCement can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces, stairs, countertops, furniture and more. In little to no time, you can change the look of a place without dealing with the disorder, dirt and coats of traditional buildings.

NO NEED TO REMOVE EXISTING FLOOR 2mm thick joints are not required

Characteristics – it can be installed on top of almost every interior or exterior surface

Interior use: for bathroom, kitchens, offices, restaurants and stores.

Exterior use: sidewalks, entrances, halls and galleries.

No joints required creating your own designs.

There is a large variety of colours available with special colours possible upon request.

Combines with different materials such as wood, ceramics, steel, etc.


  • existing tiles without the need of removal
  • old polished concrete
  • worktops at kitchens and bathrooms
  • bases where carpets have been removed
  • plaster walls
  • bath tubs
  • furniture
  • showers
  • staircases
  • wood


Easy to maintain